(Stilnest Essentials) Our first own-collection comprises 4 major moods which can be integrated into our everyday style choices. Each mood has a pair of matching phone cases, along with a sticker book to personalize and decorate them whichever way you want! The first mood “delirium” illustrates the beauty of darkness, exploring the night sky through the fusion of mysticism and glamour. “Flashback” is an epitome of the interconnection between technology and humanity. It uncovers neutral retro shades, leaning towards an 80’s vibe. The third mood is “Rudimental” which is a reflection of nature and heritage. A combination of earth tones and textures are merged into this look, establishing a sense of contentment. ‘Citified’ is the final and most formal mood. Efficiency, recycling, and smart design is the focus of the theme. From grey, to chalk pink, calm and light colors is the focal point of this palette. Don’t forget that the sticker book comes free with every purchase, making your phone cases more alive! You’d be surprised to all the unique designs you could do with a set of stickers, so go on and surprise us too!